My name is Maisam, I got to know the LRC by chance from my professor in University, she reposted an announcement for the LRC saying that they want a volunteers and she recommended that for the English students especially Translators, so as a student who is studying English literature minor translation it was a good chance for me, besides it was my dream since I was a child to become a tourist guide and speak with the language that I love. So I applied and then they send me a message to do a meeting through zoom because it was during the Covid. A week later, I got a notification from the LRC saying that I was accepted, and I remember that day I was extremely happy that finally “dreams come true “. I started giving Arabic lessons online. After the summer, in the beginning  of the second year after we returned to university, I saw that they announced for taking new volunteers, so I applied again because I really enjoyed what I was doing . They accepted me again and I did the interview and I remember when Madame Louha, the director,  said “finally I saw you!” I was really happy to join them again. Then I started to feel that I’m  really enjoying taking tourists to the city, to the Old Town, show them around, go to eat  traditional food, go for walk, and go do shopping with them because it really added a lot to my personality and I gained a lot of new words and expressions and become more confident in myself. Moreover, they became my friends and we are still talking to each other after when they went back to their homelands. 

Also I really like the activities that we do in the Center. From the language café to the Movie Time to the Open Day, it allows us be close to the students who want to practise the language that they are good at and be in touch with them and with the natives of the language that they love. Sometimes we were doing a gathering for the LRC family and have food together, it just let me feel that we are really close to each other and we are united in our aims and goals, which is the love of learning new languages <3 

I recommend to everyone who really loves languages and has  passion in learning  new things to join the LRC! 


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