Foreign language capabilities are increasingly vital in the modern age. The state-of-the-art Language Resource Center at An Najah National University equips language learners with the necessary skills and resources to experience language acquisition as a living process. Multimedia facilities, the Center's own library, and native language instructors allow the Language Resource Center to be at the forefront of language instruction. Courses, tailored to learner's needs, promote independent and natural language acquisition, with instructors guiding the learning process.

The Language Resource Center is designed to be as open and welcoming to the public as possible. Learners can enroll in courses designed to focus their exposure to the target language, as well as simply drop in to make use of resources or to talk to staff. Students and university staff can use the resources to study independently as well as enroll on the programs on offer. Individuals from outside the university can also make use of the resources for specific purposes, and the Language Resource Center offers tailored courses for individuals or businesses outside the university. For more information, please contact the LRC by emailing us at