I volunteered with LRC in June this year and had an unforgettably amazing time!
I was teaching English and German four days a week and learned a lot about lesson preparation, learning methods and creating team spirit. The teaching was so much fun thanks to the lovely students!
The timetable also included one Arabic lesson for me per week which I was always really looking forward to! 

I was able to share my time on days off between lesson preparation and exploring the city. Nablus is such an interesting and beautiful city that has a big place in my heart, I can’t wait to go back! 

You can learn a lot about the culture and history of Palestine and also have the opportunity to explore other places in the area.

I spent the month with two other volunteers in a really nice apartment which was close to the university and in a very safe and quiet area. Living together, I quickly became friends with the volunteers and I believe that this time will bond us forever! 

We also managed to get really close to the Palestinian volunteers. They were very helpful with everything, showed us around the city and planned other activities with us for which we were incredibly grateful!

The Lrc feels like a big warm family and I would happily recommend the opportunity for others to visit and to spend time with the wonderful people there!



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