Thank you so much to everyone for this incredible experience. I cannot express how amazing it was – the programme, the tutoring, the people, the students, the accommodation, everything was so wonderful and I have made memories that I will cherish.

During my time I taught English and was able to learn some Arabic through the one to one tutoring which was really fun. You are able to really immerse yourself into the culture and practice your Arabic by going to cafes and speaking with locals. The students are so lovely and welcoming too, and they are also very eager to learn. Preparing the courses was fun and you have quite a bit of freedom with your teaching materials. The programme itself is very well organised and if you ever need any help or have any questions Miss Louha is always there for you.

Nablus is such a wonderful and safe place and there is a lot to explore, especially with the volunteers who are so kind to take you to new places. Even walking around downtown is fun and going to the city mall.
In your free time also you can visit other places such as Bethlehem or Jerusalem which we were able to do. It is an amazing opportunity to learn more about Palestine too. I miss Nablus very much and the people are so kind, it really felt like home.

The apartment is very spacious and it is in a very safe area with a lovely view overlooking the hills! I really enjoyed living there and it is close to the university which makes it easier too.

Everyone at the place is extremely helpful and generous – it really is like a family, and they are very welcoming and make you feel at home. They organised different activities and days out for us which was so kind of them and it was so much fun! I feel very lucky to have been able to do this exchange and I hope to do it again In Sha Allah.

It is a wonderful project that really takes care of everyone - the students, the home volunteers, the staff, and the incoming volunteers.

Thank you so so so much for everything!



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