As a first year student, I consider myself very lucky to have found out about LRC so early. At the beginning, I thought LRC only offered English lessons, but after visiting the place, I learned about the different languages they taught.

 I never thought that Italian would be my language of choice, but for some reason I wanted to learn it as soon as it was offered.

Little did I know that the day I signed up for the classes, I was about to receive a lot more than some Italian vocabulary and grammar. Everyone at LRC from the volunteers to the tutors made the effort to comfort each student in. With each class, I was even more excited for the next, and little by little, my confidence in my ability to learn a new language was becoming stronger.

One of my favorite parts is that learning at LRC isn't limited by the lessons, we had a lot of extra activities to get to know our teacher and our classmates more, and to learn more about the other culture.

 It felt like being surrounded with friends and family there, and the environment was welcoming and inviting. Although I have finished my course, I'm more excited than ever to continue my journey with Italian and with LRC. You can call it fate, or a happy coincide, but I sure am glad it happened.

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