My experience in the University has been amazing and overcoming my expectations. I only have words of thank to Mrs Louha and all the staff, who were always present to help me and others volunteers in everything we could need. I taught spanish and english during 7 weeks, without any problem. The students were really friendly and make it easier, since they were eager to learn. Lessons are quiet and require some organization before, but they are mostly conversation with the students so the time goes fast and in an enjoyable way. We also were able to try some palestinian dishes and visit local places with them.
Besides, I had the chance to learn a bit of Arabic, with two dedicated and patience teachers, Sanita and Noorita.

Accomodation is good, located in the down town near to main markets and important places, such as bus stops or restaurant. It includes a good wifi connection and all that you need.

I strongly reccomend this experiencie, it is a unique chance to learn about palestinians and their situation and costumes. Furthermore, in my opinion Nablus is a cultural rich city to live and meet people everywhere.

Thank you and I wish all the best in the future.

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