My experience teaching English at the University was incredible in so many ways. It was my first time teaching English and the students were not only kind and patient with me but also enthusiastic and eager to come in everyday and learn. Having lots of freedom to design your lessons meant I was challenged to create fun lessons that young people very close to my age would in turn enjoy. This was very rewarding by the end of the course, well done to all my students!
Ms Louha and Hussam, the director and her assistant, were extremely helpful in seeing to volunteers needs, whatever they may be, as well as resolving any issues that may arise. Thank you both so so much for your kindness and hospitality.
The apartment was huuuuge! So spacious and comfortable in a very safe area with other professors and teachers as your neighbours. Never once did I feel unsafe. Again, any apartment issues were resolved within a few days.
My Arabic teachers were also very patient and kind to me. I was nervous to begin my lessons as I was such a beginner, but after just a month I was able to read and pronounce (almost) properly haha. Big big thank you to both Heba and Samar, who became very close friends of mine.
Finally, the generosity of the other volunteers and students at this place is unforgettable. It is true that Palestinian hospitality is like no other... from the moment I arrived I felt welcomed into my new environment. The friends I made will not be forgotten and the memories will stay in my heart.
The opportunity the University provides students with is so important, to be able to learn from native speakers and engage in a cross-cultural exchange only broadens one's horizons and allows for acceptance and understanding between people and nations. I will return inshallah, and maybe teach here again!


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