My name is Niamh Mac Namee, and I taught English at An Najah’s Language Resource Centre this spring. After working in Nablus in 2017 and 2018, I was very excited to return to Nablus to meet old friends and make new ones.

The Language Resource Centre was a great place to work, the whole team were very accommodating and supportive both before and during my visit. The centre itself has a lively community of students and staff who are always happy to chat in English and Arabic. The LRC arranges lots of events and I was lucky enough to take part in games afternoons, film screenings, dance performances and picnics.

I mainly taught conversation classes to elementary and intermediate groups. Our classes were in small groups, which made teaching and getting know my students really easy. My students came from a wide range of academic backgrounds adding to the variety of the classes as they brought their expertise to our conversations. They were very committed to improving their communication skills and always keen to ask questions as to how they could improve.

The Language Resource Centre arranged Arabic lessons three times a week with committed and enthusiastic teachers. Noran, Heba and Yasmine were great teachers and our classes focused on the Arabic used in everyday life. Our classes were not just conducted in the centre but around the university campus, in the city and local restaurants and I was able to really improve.

The highlights of my time in Nablus with the LRC were making friends with the fantastic volunteers in the centre and my Arabic lessons in the Old City of Nablus.  



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