The Language Resource Center ​​at An-Najah National University organized an event entitled "The Open Day for Languages",which aims to introduce foreign languages, their cultures, and their speaking countries.

It was held over two days in the old and new campuses of the university, 9-10/11-2022,

in the presence of students from the university and members of the administrative and teaching staff at the university.

these days aim at  

encouraging students to learn languages ​​and raise awareness of their importance on the academic, 

personal and professional levels, by introducing them to the most important international languages ​​and the cultures of the peoples who speak them. 

This activity falls within the series of extracurricular activities organized by the Center, on the cultural, sports and social levels, in addition to the courses.


The open day included introductory corners in Turkish, French, English, Norwegian, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese,  in addition to a corner for cultural competitions and questions, and an educational games corner. 

Each corner was supervised by local volunteers from university students and international volunteers from different nationalities from the center.

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