The Language Resource Center for Languages held a meeting in honor of the volunteer students participating in the center's activities, especially the Open Day for Languages, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Khayyat, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Mr. Mohammed Daqqa, Dean of Student Affairs, and Mrs. Louha Samaneh, Director of the Center.

Dr. Al-Khayyat praised the center's performance and extracurricular activities and the center's student volunteers from various disciplines who participate in the various activities of the center, including teaching Arabic to foreigners, introducing them to the city and university facilities, and preparing various extracurricular activities such as the recent Open Language Day.


For his part, Mr. Al-Daqqa encouraged students to volunteer because of its benefit on the personal, academic and professional levels.


In turn, Mrs. Samaaneh thanked the students for their efforts in preparing and participating in this event, which had a great success and attendance.

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