The Language Resources Center (LRC) at An-Najah University ‎recently held an introductory session for students interested in ‎foreign languages. ‎

The introductory session aimed to encourage student interest in ‎foreign language learning and involve them in a ‎language course.‎

MS. Louha Samaaneh, Center Director talked about the center's ‎vision, mission, objectives, services and methodology. She noted that ‎the LRC equips language learners with the necessary skills and ‎resources to experience language acquisition as a living process.‎

Moreover, MS. Samaaneh referred to the center's multimedia ‎facilities and library. She also talked about the center's native ‎language instructors who allow the LRC to be at the forefront of ‎language instruction. They provide linguistic and cultural expertise, in ‎order to maximize the efficacy of the learner's language acquisition.‎


Registration is open to everyone until the 30th January 2020.‎

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